Since 2010 the Kunz GbR offers one of the most innovative and versatile training systems in fitness, boxing and the martial arts. The Schlagmesser training center is a high-precision measuring system which is software controlled by PC via USB connection. In interactive training sessions, athletes can now improve their performance to a level inaccessible without the Schlagmesser.      ...learn more

Schlagmesser scales

The Schlagmesser scales are used in competitive sports disciplines which require weighing. The fraud-proof, high-precision weighing system is especially suitable for mass-events where it considerably reduces the amount of time required for weighing activities. The solid aluminum sensorblock sends all weighing data directly to the connected PC via USB.

Patient Monitoring System

Our Patient Monitoring System sets a new standard in wireless patient monitoring. The innovative technology traces (inter alia) breathing, weight-changes and the activity of patients without reducing the freedom of movement. Patients in need of short- or long-term  surveillance can be monitored at maximum patient convenience.

Pyro Launcher - signal flare battery

The multi-purpose signal flare battery applies to security requirements as for example in ocean seafaring. Ship owning companies apply the Pyro Launcher to accentuate security of crew, ship and cargo. The 180° rotatable, height-adjustable battery can be equipped with various kinds of signal flares and is operated from a remote control unit.

Unmanned Diving Robot

The unmanned diving robot is ideal for shooting underwater pictures and videos. It can also carry a mobile robotic arm or other equipment. The robot is a ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) which is radio-controlled via PC from land or ship.

Weighing Technology

The Kunz GbR has developed advanced electronic and software solutions in weighing technology. Accordingly, we are able to provide individual solutions in this field. If you should have any request, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.